Date: March 27, 2017

Posted by: aadeLeon


The Office of the Special Envoy on Transnational Crime (OSETC), attended the Maritime Security Dialogue that was held at the Marriott Hotel on March 22- 23, 2017. The meeting was sponsored by the Government of Canada and was attended by PCSUPT VIRGIL F BOMBITA (RET), Deputy Special Envoy of the Office of the Special Envoy on Transnational Crime and Mr. Angelo de Leon, designated OSETC Desk Officer, and  the following representatives from different law enforcement agencies, to wit:

1.    Bureau of Quarantine;                                           11. Department of Foreign Affairs;

2.    National Bureau of Investigation;                      12. National Intelligence Coordinating Agency;

3.    PNP Maritime Group;                                            13. Philippine Navy;      

4.    Philippine Ports Authority;                                  14. National Coast Watch Center;

5.    Armed Forces of the Philippines;                      15. Philippine Coast Guard;

6.    Anti-Terrorism Council Program                       16. Bureau of Immigration; and

       Management Center;                                             17. Philippine National Police

7.    Department of National Defense;                      

8.    Department of Environment and            

 Natural Resources;     

9.    Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency;        

10. Maritime Industry Authority;


INTERPOL’s Ms. Shirani Defontgalland’s discussion on the Interpol’s Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy wherein she stressed that one of the main keys in preventing and disrupting terrorist activities is Identification. With such identification, Interpol together with the law enforcement agencies may prevent future terrorist attacks and eventually put an end to terrorism.


Ms. Shirani also reminded everyone that Inter-nation exchange of information plays a vital role in operations and open and continuous communications with agents of the different law enforcers is of paramount importance to achieve the ultimate goal, which is to suppress terrorism.

Moving further, generous contributions of the Interpol to the PPA in Zamboanga were also presented, after which Mr. Jessie Pascasio of NCWC discussed the success of the Operation Sunbird and Operation Barracuda.


Subsequently, USEC Jose Luis Alano gave his heartfelt gratitude for the very good attendance of the member – law enforcement agencies and for their much appreciated inputs.