osetc PARTICIPATES IN THE Examining Shared Regional Understandings to Strengthen End Use/r Control Systems to Prevent Arms Diversion

Date: March 6, 2017

Posted by: jgMariano



The Office of the Special Envoy on Transnational Crime (OSETC), represented by PSUPT ELIZABETH D JASMIN, Head, Administration Services of this office, attended the Shared Regional Understandings to Strengthen End Use/r control systems to prevent arms diversion at the UN Convention Center, Bangkok, Thailand on March 1-2, 2017.

The meeting was sponsored by the United Nations Institute for Disarmament and Research (UNIDIR), in collaboration with UNRCPD and Thai government. It was attended by the delegates from Australia, India, Myanmar, Mongolia, Malaysia, Korea, Kazakhstan, Philippines and representatives from the different relevant government agencies of Thailand.  Country papers relative to  the  issuances  and  different  approaches  on  End  Use/r  Certificate  (EUC)   and



documentations with regard to import and export controls on small arms and light weapons (SALW) were presented by each country delegates, including pertinent information relative to the subject matter.

Further, some vital inputs were discussed by Mr. Shiotani during his briefing, to wit:

-      Information sharing;

-      Post-delivery cooperation between the importing and exporting countries;

-   “Document alone is not effective” need to strictly check, authenticate and certified all documents relative to import and export process of SALW;

-      Arms diversion from licit to Illicit; and

-      Indication on risk assessment.


The meeting also covered an activity and practical exercises to create, provide and establish a universal definition of key terms with regard to the conventional weapons specifically on SALW terminologies (i.e. end use, end user control, and end user certificate, etc.) but no universal definitional understanding has been pre-finalized. Another discussion was on the identification of minimum standard requirements to be included in the proposed EUC. However, due to varying contexts from each country representatives, no final recommendations noted. Dr. Paul Holtom, an expert on SALW survey instrument was the one who gave this exercise.

The challenges and recommendations made therewith are as follows:

a.     Challenges

-      Strategic Trade Management Act (STMA - RA 10697) signed into law in November 2015, now the IRR is being finalized.

-      No primary government agency is responsible for the issuance of EUC

-      No standard format of EUC 

b.     Recommendations

-      Finalization of  STMA’s IRR

-      STMO is the sole government agency who will provide the EUC

-      Drafting of standard EUC including the minimum requirements needed